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How does the steps feature work on my X5?



  • J S (ViperJim)

    Hi Jamie,

    Where are the tracked steps located in the round summary screen?  I cannot seem to locate it on the phone app or on the web dashboard.  Thanks.

  • Steve Hallwood

    Just received my replacement watch and it seems to work well after the first round.  2 issues I have, that were also prevalent with the defective watch are that the step counter seems very low ( I usually have my phone in my pocket and it records twice as many steps)  The other issue is that I would like to know if there is any way to increase the brightness of the screen, especially when viewing the watch face.  Thank you.

  • Anthony Breeden55

    The step count is reading about half of what it should?

    Range 5600 to 7000

    Expect 11000 to 13000.

    Any thoughts?


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