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Can you reset the device if the screen freezes?



  • Bill Lismore

    Continued freezing is my issue, its a distraction not needed on the course.

  • Mbates007

    My watch is not working properly 

    It continuously shuts down

    It has yet to record anything about clubs distances pls call me at +18503766885 or tell me How to return 

  • Nigel Presswood

    Recently bought a x5 the screen freezers and cannot reset the watch any ideas please

  • Kent Sawatzky

    I've used three or four different brands of these tracking sensors that you put on your clubs whether it's your watch or phone. I I really thought this one would be different but it's been nothing but a pain in the ass. It has a hard time connecting to the clubs and picking them up. Every round I've had to go back in and clean up because i misses club's all the time. I thought the purpose of this technology was so that we didn't have to spend so much time on the course paying attention to it. But it turns out to be more hassle than its  worth. Now all of a sudden for no reason at all the watch just stops working after I'd had it for 3 weeks. Not to mention what a hassle it is to try and connect and download your round .None of it is as easy as they make it sound. It will be nice the day someone invents a club/shot tracking system that is truly hands off and operates smoothly. With very little hiccups. But as I said I have used three or four of these tracking systems over the last five years and it is always the same issues. 


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