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How do I upload a round from a Shot Scope device into my account using the mobile app?



  • Mygolf88x

    I synced my round to my iPhone and have signed off on it. However, I cannot see the round on my iPad or on my desktop Dashboard. Even the clubs that I have set up on my phone are not shown on the iPad and Mac PC dashboard. What am I missing?

  • Ian

    This is so tempermental, I synced my watch, uploaded the round and nothing, I refreshed and nothing, hard reset and nothing. How is this so bad? I'm at a total loss on what to do. 

    It's even less than 50/50 on whether the watch manages to connect!

  • Dave Whittingham

    I have tried to sync 2 rounds now. Both times it all looks fine but only gets to 99% synchronised  and won’t complete. 
    Am I missing something. Any assistance greatly appreciated. 

  • Brianricegolf

    Synced my first round but it doesn't appear in the app or Dashboard. Swiped down to refresh and nothing happens. Some articles referring to manually logging out of the app…how do I do that? I want to love this product but this is frustrating.


  • Charlie Kearns

    Same issues. Terrible bluetooth connection. Rounds won't sync, when I finally get it to sync it will upload 99% of the round and then spin for an hour or so and never complete.

  • Jonny Wren

    Signing out of the app, closing it fully and then signing back in, rounds now show after being uploaded. 

    But agreed, not a great experience and the comment in here stating to sign out saved the day. 

    Also very poor Bluetooth connectivity. Usually have to reboot the watch for it to connect back up to my phone if it's already been connected once. 



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